Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Yak Radio

KABC Radio in Los Angeles is what they call a "talk radio" and, like many radio yak shows these days, it has plenty of hosts with conservative-leaning philosophies. These guys are Bush's best cheerleaders. The election is near, their man is leading in the polls, and there is a macho atmosphere that's similar to the one around the first few days of ground offense in Iraq -- the soldiers could not contain their wild enthusiasm and probably thought conquering Iraq was not much harder than a round of golf under the hot desert sun. The cockiness of it all.

But, let's just say, for history's sake, the surprises were awaiting, and in the case of November election, more surprises are sure to be on the horizon. My advice for these Bush supporters is: save your money, keep the order of champagne down, just in case.

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