Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Andrea Mackris's lawsuit against Bill O'Reilly is so detailed that O'Reilly's legal team is certain she has recorded some of their phone conversations. Whether or not Ms. Mackris did hit the record button while O'Reilly was in a state of "cross-eyed ecstasy" is no longer the issue; indeed, so far, we have not heard O'Reilly or his lawyers deny that those spicy conversations ever took place.

Prior to this little hurricane in the Fox News building, one only needs to view O'Reilly's show once to come to the conclusion that this guy is the king of "jerk-dom". In the corridors of Fox News building, right-wing talking heads are a dime a dozen, but this man is especially cunning and arrogant; so much so that he actually thought he was qualified to write a book for children!

The word, "comeuppance", has never sounded so sweet to those of us who have to cover our eyes and ears whenever he appears on a TV screen nearby.

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