Monday, October 11, 2004


On my 25th day in Orange County, I am still struggling to get used to its rhythm and myth. David Lynch could make a movie about this town with his brand of eerie humor, but I have to live here. Underneath the orderliness, signs of urban decay have started to show (horror!). Of course, we're not talking about South Bronx; nevertheless, this afternoon as I drove past a section of perfectly drab mini malls, I was startled by the sight of an abandoned old shopping mall with ugly graffiti and litters -- in the midst of a landscape that is known for its collective wealth! An old New Yorker would probably chuckle at my shock -- to them, walking from one fancy business district to a rundown lot is a daily occurrence.

Urban decay is a visually numbing phenomenon -- the sadness is often overwhelming upon realizing that behind all that filth there was once glory, the kind that could lift up human spirits.

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