Sunday, October 24, 2004


Conclusion of the week: movie-viewing works best as a communal experience. Sometimes we fret over the tall guy seated in front, or the bawling infants, but basically we go to movies with friends as social events, along with food. alcohol, and drunken debates. Viewing DVDs alone on a computer screen -- in my case -- just does not scratch the itch. Despite the superb stereo sound piped into one's ears through the headphones, watching a movie on a computer screen two feet away from one's nose is akin to playing miniature golf -- I suppose it beats doing nothing, but something just ain't right.

Bad filmmaking irritates me, especially when watching films alone -- the errors and flaws on screen become more noticeable and much more irritating. Might it be possible that viewing movies in theaters, whether with dates or friends, softens one's critical instinct? Or, for that matter, perhaps one should crawl the hell out of the critical shell once in a while and just relax.

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