Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ho Dee Do

This girl, my co-worker from way back, used to call out,"Ho dee do!" at me whenever I was near a door. She meant to say, "Hold the door," in her whimsical, girlish way. I was thinking of that when I held the door at the library for a couple of ladies. One of them giggled and commented how I might have to be there all day because the traffic was heavy. Then I came home, got online, and found myself staring at the screaming headline: "Newsweek: Bush Lead Gone!"

If the Newsweek poll has any meaning, Bush did worse than his aides could have imagined. The day before the debate he was enjoying a lead that is said to be anywhere between 5 and 12 points. Now the voters seem to be saying to the Newsweek poll takers that they were shocked by Bush's whimsical, neck-twisting way during the debate and that a commander-in-chief he ain't!

Again, the real meaningful poll will be taken on the day of the election.

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