Sunday, October 10, 2004


The word, "justification", is likely to be associated with Bush administration in many future academic papers yet to be written by political-science wonks. Presently, even Bush's men dare not use words like "just cause" in describing that war over there. To be fair, Iraq and the whole middle-east situation is too complex to have one single dominant theory of solution, that is to say, Bush's detractors cannot claim that they have better ideas on how to solve all the problems originated from that region. Nevertheless, history cannot be reversed. Bush punched the war button and now more than 150,000 U. S. soldiers, armed to the teeth, lord over a once-menacing nation, and the whole middle-east equation is forever changed.

Some say what Bush gave us is a lemon; I say let's make some decent lemonade out of it, and let's elect Kerry as the lemonade maker, which is a task he is certain to perform better than the guy who produced the lemon.

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