Saturday, October 02, 2004

Politics Simple

The rationale for the two-party dominance in a democracy has been analyzed and criticized over and over. It occurs to me that the simplicity of it is perfect for a voting populace that is often too busy to be bombarded with more than two schools of political views. In some local elections, one may be confronted with having to choose a city councilman or a county supervisor from a long list of strange names. Thankfully, every four years, our brains only get an easy workout having to choose between two major candidates. The solemn nature of choosing a presidential candidate notwithstanding, we don't have the problem they have in, say, Italy, where a ballot for the premiership has up to a dozen faces, all smiling and earnest.

This year, it's either Kerry or Bush; where is the rocket science in this? If I may ask a simplistic question.

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