Friday, October 08, 2004


"The Turkey Season" is a short story by Alice Munro. I've just read it for the second time without realizing it till the end, because the characters literally pop out of the pages and grab me by the collar. The narrator of the story is a spunky 14-year-old girl who gets a job as a turkey gutter. Her boss and co-workers are colorful Canadian folks only Munro with her mastery in prose can depict. It's a short story, 16 pages, but the imagery, such as the harsh working condition in a slaughterhouse, is unforgettable. I read the story once long time ago and was so impressed that I, for some bizarre reason, associated Munro with a butcher's teenage apprentice. Some avid readers would proclaim that they read fiction for the prose, not necessarily the stories; those readers would love this piece.

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