Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kill with Skill

In my neighborhood Fry's electronic warehouse/playground, I stood behind this kid who played "Halo 2" on a monstrous HDTV screen. The skinny pre-teen geek killed with skill, zapped every virtual solider popping up in his path.

Having never played the famed Xbox game, I was both mesmerized and nonplused. To this observer, Halo appears to be just another graphics-chip-of-the-moment first-person shooter; any other first-person shooter like Doom or Duke Nukem could have been updated and spruced up to look this "neat". Microsoft reportedly sold about $125 million of Halo 2 on the first day of its release. The marketing chief (perhaps we're talking about Mr. Showman himself, Billy Gates) ought to be congratulated. A mere first-person shooter with this kind of spectacular business is undoubtedly any game producer's dream.

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