Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rather Not

(a reprint from Kitchen Sink Gazette)

For those of us who were Kerry supporters (I know, protracted mourning is not good for one's health), there is a thing called "trying too hard to help". Dan Rather is well known for his left-leaning views and understandably anti-Bush, and even though he resides in a "high journalistic mountain", it is very possible that he got impatient with the election and jumped out of the higher plane in order to scoop up lowly, tainted materials for that infamous "60 Minutes" episode which questioned Bush's service in Texas National Guard. And, boy, did it backfire. In retrospect, that incident might have cost Kerry more than a few votes.

Some have started to use the word, "Nixonian", to describe what has happened to Rather, and how sad it is for this kind of tragedy to happen to the left. Nixon caused Republicans and conservatives tons of trouble that took years for their side to recover; we who cherish liberalism should have learned a lesson as well, instead, some of us apparently have committed the same mistake.

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