Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Conspiracy

For years, we've heard people complain about "the commercialization of Christmas" by the likes of shrewd mall merchants and eager rockers who release lame Christmas albums, all in the name of celebrating the birthday of a deity many of them don't even think much of.

With the above premise, I hereby offer another conspiracy theory: December 25th is not the true birthday of Jesus; one could make the argument that the date was probably invented by a clever accountant who realized that robust year-end sales could boost corporate bottom line. Accountant? Year-end sales? Corporate bottom line? In the ancient time of Roman Empire? You bet. Making money is the number-one religion on this planet, don't forget. The desire to gain more wealth is universal, whether you're a European, or Asian, or African. To create a super holiday, six days before the calendar year ends, so a shopping orgy can be enjoyed by all is understandably practical and inevitably human.

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