Saturday, December 18, 2004

Communicative Fuzziness

We say what we think -- at least that's the theory. Nevertheless, I must admit I've concealed quite a bit just to make my life easier, and I assume many people have done the same. Communicative fuzziness is a subtle game people play, and the good ones are capable of saying very little yet meaning a lot. If someone says to me, "So-and-so is very honest; he'll tell you everything," my antenna shoots up. Everything? A scary thought.

Talking is an art; that is to say, there are lousy yakkers and there are exquisite artists of verbal communication. "The boasting boys", as Virginia Woolf calls them, contribute plenty of hot, saliva-tainted air, yet usually have nothing meaningful to say.

And here I am, saying things just to confuse you...

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