Friday, December 31, 2004

True Love

My favorite philosopher (the one who declares that none of us exist, thereby negating his own existence) once said: "If god does not exist, everything is possible, including true love."

I respect the man's eccentric wit, nonetheless, his proclamations are often far from airtight. Let's examine what he said about "true love": he seems to be implying that the almighty is against free and intense love, which is not an invalid point, because many serious thinkers have speculated that god is fundamentally strict and cold-hearted, considering that humankind got no help from him when all sorts of pain, misery, and atrocity happened. My philosopher friend is basically saying that god is an obstacle to wonderful possibilities, including true love. It is his opinion that the ultimate treasure of humanity is true love -- a point I do agree, although I still need to be convinced of his assertion that true love is possible only when rules and traditions are thrown out the window.

On the other hand, maybe he is right, and I'm the one who needs to be enlightened.

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