Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Woopster, the Iron Rooster

An outline for an animated feature film:

Woopster, the Iron Rooster, is a robot chicken created by an eccentric farmer. Woopster is capable of performing many tasks, from pecking the pesky locusts to serving as a security guard on the farm. The drama involves the farmer's fight with an evil hazardous waste disposal company that seeks to forcefully take over his farm in order to build a dumpsite for radioactive materials from old nuclear warheads.

Woopster talks, thinks, loves, and hates, and at one point falls in love with a real chicken who thinks he is ugly.

Potential candidates for Woopster's voice: Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen, Jason Alexander.

Possible title: "Woopster's Dawn", "The Legend of Woopster, the Love Machine", "Beneath Woopster's Wings", "Woopster's Iron Thigh".

(Coming to a discount DVD bin in a Wal-Mart near you!)

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