Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dr. Sun's Diet Tips

I've lost 12 pounds since I moved to O. C. last September. Remarkable because that was not my intention. I was simply going for a healthier regiment when I started a "fruits-only dinner" discipline. Yep, it's that simple -- eat only fruits for dinner (in my case, an average dinner is composed of an orange, an apple, and a banana), and then brush your teeth because that's all the food for the night. CAUTION -- this diet scheme should be accompanied by a big chow for lunch, as in eat whatever you want and eat a lot, preferably with a heavy dose of protein, and, of course, you should always have breakfast. The consequence of the fruits-only dinner is that you get a little hungry toward the end of the night, but that is the point -- heavy dinners lingering in your system overnight tend to contribute to weight gain.

Now, if I'd just write another 20,000 words of nonsense, package it with some slick color photos, and publish it... Nah.

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