Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Scientific Art

Anyone with some free time and a computer graphics software in his hard drive can click on a couple of icons and marvel at the immense possibilities. The satisfaction of seeing colors and shapes coming alive in unlimited number of arrangements is hard to describe. Some might get frustrated precisely because of the seemingly limitless ways of creating images, but with a little patience and a little experimentation, a picture of certain logic will begin to form, and somewhere in there lies the intellectual challenge to refine the picture. As cliche as it sounds, art is scientific.

I don't subscribe to the view that the so-called "image bombardment" on the Internet is negative. Yeah, those "Shoot Osama and Get an iPod" banners are annoying as hell, but once in a while, a digital photo, a Flash movie, a JPEG image can be inspiring and, dare I say, uplifting. Images do convey deeper significance if one bothers to look for it, even if the creator of the images doesn't mean it. Artistic appreciation is always subjective, and one should never have to accept other people's interpretation of art.


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