Friday, May 20, 2005

Secret of the Empire

When I was working at MGM years ago, I befriended this woman who was a classmate of George Lucas's at USC film school. At the time we met, Lucas was already a multimillionaire from the first three "Star Wars" movies, and the woman was struggling to make it as a secretary. We used to lament about the fateful twists and turns in life. Then she told me a story about George Lucas. Lucas married another classmate of his, Marcia, who later became a very accomplished editor in her own right. The couple moved to Northern California to build their legendary Skywalker Ranch and Industrial Light and Magic. Then, tragically, Marcia had an affair with a carpenter and left George. Needless to say, there was a lot of pain, which, in retrospect, might explain why there was such a long gap between the first three episodes of "Star Wars" and the last three. The opening of the latest and last installment of "Star Wars" brought back this peculiar memory. I have no idea why, except to think that even successful people experience personal pain of significant magnitude.

Link: George Lucas biography.

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