Wednesday, May 04, 2005


There was a lively discussion on regarding The New York Times' contemplation about charging people $50 a year for the access to its archived news articles. Not many Slashdotters think it's a good idea. Eventually, the managers of that newspaper will listen to their chief accountant, not the ordinary Joe and Jane Click-O-Matics.

Being a fan of The New York Times, I was itching to comment on it, but unfortunately I was assigned to be the moderator on Slashdot this morning, and according to the rules I cannot comment and moderate at the same time. So I took my time reading all the comments on that specific topic, and was impressed by many of the opinions and inputs. On a popular Web forum like Slashdot, the ignorant and the obnoxious are inevitable, but thankfully smart and thoughtful voices do emerge.

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Brian said...

Actually, you can post on slashdot when you are moderating, you just can't post and moderate the same story. So you could have posted, as long as you were careful not to moderate any of the other posts in that discussion first.

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