Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Invasion of Blogging Critters

In cyber space heated debates regarding the phenomenon of blogging rage on. It amuses me that so many people are huffing and puffing over an online text publishing technology, which blogging basically is.

The birth of an "alien creature" called "blogger" can be summed up in three sequential steps: 1) someone itching to write defines his readership; 2) he goes online and creates an account with either a paid or a free blog hosting service; 3) he writes whatever his little heart desires for his readership. Then, (the cheesy sound effect of an alien pod bursting open) a blogger is born!

The question of who and how many will read the blogger's writing is irrelevant. A good blogger attracts a readership beyond his friends and relatives, whereas a lousy blogger is defined as someone who cannot even get his buddies to click on his blog even if he begs them to. Despite the fact that thousands of "blogging critters" are born every day all over the world, life goes on; nobody is hurt; nobody has a gun put to his head forcing him to read all these blogs.

Relax, there is no "Invasion of Blogging Critters", unless some clever filmmaker thinks it's cute to make a satirical movie out of it. At best, this material is a 3-minute sketch on some second-tier late-night comedy show.

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