Saturday, November 05, 2005

Digital Jane Austen

The world created by Jane Austen is soothing and easy to slip in and out of. Her themes are entirely universal. I have no trouble imagining a teenager in Pakistan, or a housewife in Croatia, or an office worker in Singapore reading about those rosy-cheeked young ladies and their meddlesome mothers in Austen's magnificent "fairy tales", as Nabokov called them. I crave reading Austen once in a while, and in this digital age of ours her books are only a few mouse clicks away, since they are in public domain and have been enshrined in various digital temples.

Here allow me to offer a whimsical twist: I created a simple Flash movie for the first chapter of "Pride and Prejudice", using semi-cinematic storytelling technique, except the "actors" in this case are the words written by her. So, give your diligent index finger another exercise by clicking here or the graphics below to view "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, Chapter One, a mini movie, which, by the way, loops itself, so if you miss certain parts, worry not, it'll start all over again.To read the entire book, go to The University of Adelaide's ebook library.

For the geeks: "Flash" file format is used by Google Video to encode and play the video clips submitted by the public; the same technology is also used by the Yahoo Maps service.

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