Sunday, December 18, 2005

Free software for composing film music - Part Two

In a previous post, I talked about using FL Studio 5 and Audacity to compose music for small video or Flash animation projects; now I've created another simple Flash movie, basically as a concept video for "Sun and Fun" logo, using FL Studio 5 and Audacity. Again, I composed the music on FL Studio 5, then played it back and recorded it on Audacity as an MP3 file (the reason for this unique process is explained in my previous post).

Also, I found another free software for digital music composition called Music Studio Producer. Now, this one I am hesitant to recommend, because ever since I downloaded it I've been having a hard time learning how to use it. MSP is MIDI-based, which I am not familiar with, so perhaps those who are knowledgeable about MIDI can pick it up faster than I.

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