Monday, December 12, 2005

War Movies and War Gaming

François Truffaut once said (I am paraphrasing): "Even anti-war movies, well-intentioned as they are, eventually glorify wars." He might have a point. On a daily basis, TV networks feed us battle tapes from Iraq, but is the steady diet of the images of exploding bombs and blood-soaked garments making us sick? Or have we developed iron stomachs? How about those of us who look for the macho images of Bradley Fighting Vehicles spraying lead?

Personally, I admit there is plenty of raw fantasy in PC/video war gaming. But some might argue, look, that's what all boys do -- playing sword fights, shooting finger pistols, making throaty machine gun noises -- there's nothing wrong. The question is: when will we outgrow the boys in us? Bush and Rumsfeld, are they boys in suits?

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