Sunday, December 11, 2005

War Rock

"War Rock", an online multiplayer PC game (note: the site only works with IE), came to me through a whisper on the Web: "It's a Korean 'Battlefield 2'". I downloaded the relatively small (180 MB) launching software and in no time was shooting (and being seriously shot at) in a virtual war zone. The ease of use is one of the positive points of "War Rock", but do not expect to play a highly-advanced FPS (First-Person Shooter), as the sophistication of its game engine is not on par with "Battlefield 2".

The game is free and very easy to sign on to, so it's hard for me to complain further. My understanding is that in Korea, youngsters play online PC games at Internet cafes and do pay for the plays (therefore the profit angle of the game company), whereas the home PC players, like me, get to do it for free because they need people to play with, uh, shoot at. And these Korean players are good -- many times I got wasted in less than a minute into the game.

A side note: in "War Rock", a player can choose to use a female avatar as his/her playing character, and in one of the sessions, I suddenly found myself shooting at an all-female enemy team. Whether or not they are really all female players (which I doubt, owning to the testosterone-mad nature of this genre) is not the issue, but it is a psychological shock to have to shoot at these "women" who are built like Angelina Jolie.

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