Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Camp Manhattan Pride

I receive NYU newsletters several times a year from various sources -- the university, the film school, the alumni association, and I suspect any department that has a print shop. I've graduated from NYU for god knows how long, but they continue to hit me up for donations.

NYU graduate film department, in which I toiled away for three years, is especially glowing with pride these days because a fellow film school grad, Ang Lee, is being praised to the skies for his controversial movie, "Brokeback Mountain". The latest newsletter also has prominent reports on the other two famous NYU film school alumni, Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese.

I was just thinking, rather smugly, that it's hard to imagine USC or UCLA film school guys making movies like "Taxi Driver", "Do the Right Thing", and "Brokeback Mountain"; I mean, New York whipped you; my five years of basic training in "Camp Manhattan" was the best time of my life. Living in New York City and attending film school there pounded a different perspective on cinema into me like a piece of sharpest body-modification jewelry.

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