Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Sudden Death of a Laptop

Dell laptop went to digital heaven on Friday. Like any cold-blooded computer geek I drove to the nearest Circuit City and bought a new computer. This time I opted for a big desktop monster. The heavy-duty rig, an HP (sorry, Dell, you've lost a customer), has a whopping 200-gigabyte hard disk. When I got the Dell laptop with the 20-gig hard disk last year, I was wondering how I would ever use up all that storage; now with 200 gig, guess I'll have to work even harder.

Lessons learned: computers do die, and they don't flash a sign saying they're going to meet their maker tomorrow at 2pm, therefore, one must make backup copies of one's essential works. In my case, I've recently started to make it a habit to save my writings by sending them as email attachments to myself. Thanks to the several email accounts I keep, all my absolutely-cannot-lose works are now sitting pretty in a couple of web-based inboxes.

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