Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Truveo is a video search website created by a small 12-person company that has just been bought out by AOL. The search engine offers neatly categorized video clips already in existence on the Net, unlike Google Video which is composed of stuff submitted by the general public and big Hollywood studios that want to unload their TV libraries.

Truveo works like a clearinghouse where you can find video clips on sites like Comedy Central, MSNBC, iFilm, etc.. Jon Stewart is so popular that he gets his own category, aptly named "Daily Show"; type "Bill Murray" in the query box and you get a long list of video clips with Murray in them; type in "Spielberg", and you'll find a 3-minute behind-the-scene video of the making of "Munich", among other things.

One important note: some clips cannot be played from Firefox browser; for those, you get to fire up your old standby Microsoft IE.

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