Monday, February 06, 2006

Hollywood Irony

Now that the world has witnessed Oprah Winfrey (anyone noticed that the last 4 letters of her name are the same as...oh, never mind) give James Frey the third degree on her show (aired all over creation) for lying about the truthfulness of his so-called "memoir", a bizarre story has just been reported by Los Angeles Times -- it seems that Warner Bros. is gearing up to adapt Mr. Frey's book into a movie and has hired a screenwriter to do the script version of his "A Million Little Pieces" (most unfortunate title), and according to some Hollywood insiders Mr. Frey threw a "classic Hollywood fit" when he found out that the screenwriter wanted to "alter" a few details of his "memoir"; in fact, he got so pissed that he fired his movie agent, and got another agent, who, as we now know, has in turn told him to take a hike after the whole Oprah nuke exploded.

What is the moral of the story? Irony is what they have for breakfast in Hollywood.

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