Sunday, March 05, 2006

Academy Awards

This year I watched the entire Academy Awards show from the beginning when Jon Stewart joked about Bjork trying on her swan dress and getting shot by Dick Cheney to the very end when "Crash" production people's jaws literally dropped to the red carpet due to the shock.

I am surprised how smoothly the show progressed. No one got fresh; everybody seemed to be on his/her best behavior. Hollywood is maturing and it worries me.

In retrospect, "Brokeback" probably suffered from frontrunner fatigue, and "Crash" won because more people actually saw the movie. I suspect some of the voting members of the Academy avoided seeing "Brokeback" because its content bothered them.

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RC said...

Interesting thoughts on the fatigue and academy members missing the movie...i can't see too many skipping out because of the content...

also totally forgot about the Bjork comment...that was pretty funny.

--RC of

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