Sunday, October 21, 2007


On 10/17/07, I woke up to find my MySpace page vandalized with a bizarre video posted on my profile and several of my videos replaced with strangers' videos. Since I could not delete those strangers' videos, I made a drastic move -- I canceled my MySpace account, thereby deleting all the videos under that account. I went back and re-registered for a new account with the same online nickname I've always used, "Sundroid", just to secure the URL address and to communicate with the people who had embedded my videos on their pages.

The sole reason I uploaded my videos to MySpace is because their video player has better sound quality than YouTube's. Sadly, MySpace has become a favorite target of spammers and hackers, so I've decided not to re-upload my videos to that site.

Fortunately, I have found a video site that has even better image and sound qualities than MySpace, and it is Vimeo. The following are the videos I have uploaded to Vimeo so far, and more to come (dig the widget too):

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.

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