Friday, November 02, 2007

iPod Touch Ouch

I visited an Apple store today and saw iPod Touch for the first time. The sales clerk showed me how to go online on the tiny iPod Touch screen. The first thing I did was type in the URL of this very blog with my index finger, which is not hard to do with its well-designed on-screen keyboard, but then came the problem: none of the videos on this blog will display, let alone playing, on the obviously simplified browser. Both Apple iPhone and iPod Touch boast the capability of playing YouTube videos, alas, only videos that have been converted into a playable file format for those machines, not straight from the Flash players.

So, here is a simulated iPhone/iPod Touch experience of watching one of my videos, except, sadly, in reality you cannot view it on those little Apple wonders (unless you manually download and convert the video):

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