Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's that in the water?

Ingmar Bergman (the legendary Swedish film director who gave us cinematic classics such as "The Virgin Spring", "The Seventh Seal", and "Wild Strawberries") was reported to have liked "Jaws" so much that he had seen the movie six times. Steven Spielberg directed "Jaws" when he was 29 years old; I remember reading a book about the making of "Jaws", in which the writer pointed out how it was an extremely grueling shoot and some older crew members openly expressed their resentment of having to take directions from a "punk kid from Hollywood".

To me, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese are two of a handful of Hollywood directors who have a keen sense of the musical element in movies. Many movie directors simply hire an expensive film composer and then go home. Spielberg and Scorsese, as I understand it, work very closely with their film score composers. In the case of "Jaws", the result is evident.

The following is my whimsical tribute to "Jaws":

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