Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hang Ten

When I was doing research for the soundtrack of this video (standard; high-quality) in Wikipedia, I witnessed a real-time vandalizing attack on the Wikipedia page of "Swan Lake" (a ballet by Tchaikovsky). I've heard of the ease of vandalism on Wikipedia, but to see it in action is a jolting experience -- as I was flipping back and forth between pages, suddenly I realized that someone had gone in to erase quite a few lines of the "Swan Lake" page and replaced them with bizarre entries. I did not see any profanity, but still it was clear vandalism. As I was wondering how long the vandalized page would stay up, the answer came very soon -- in less than 5 minutes, it was reverted back to the original page, so, whoever in charge of the page must have been vigilant. The lesson to learn: digest the info on Wikipedia (indeed anything on the web) with a grain of salt:

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