Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Go Overboard

This new video of mine is in HD, which is the format I will be using going forward.

About YouTube HD videos: old computers with less powerful CPU might have a tough time viewing the large-screen version of HD videos, as I found out myself on an old (2005), fairly basic, HP computer. However, on the same computer, the video plays fine on YouTube's page in its default standard screen size. Even on my newer and more powerful Apple iMac, YouTube HD videos run choppy at a few spots, but not enough to disrupt the viewing experience. HD videos require higher graphics-card crunching power, which not every current computer is equipped with, but YouTube is betting that computer technology will catch up, and it is better for them to be ahead of the curve.

PS: I am guessing that YouTube keeps several versions of HD videos and serves up different versions according to the capabilities of the viewers' computers and their choices of how they'd like to view the videos. Not everyone likes large-player version, I suppose, as small-player version (such as the one below) is easier for older and lower-power computers to process.

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