Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Day Before The War

Smaller embed of the same video:


#1) I am aware that not all computers will have smooth viewing experience of HD videos; in fact, I am guessing, as of today, the full-on smooth playback of HD videos only happens to a minority of new computers with state-of-the-art graphics cards. YouTube realizes the issue as well, which is why it provides several "less-than-HD" versions of these videos, including mine, so people can still view them.

#2) The internet connection speed is also a factor in viewing HD videos. Basic Internet subscription deal that provides less than 1 mb per second transmission rate will likely have problems viewing HD videos, despite having a more-powerful-than-average computer; unless, that is, if one has the patience to wait for the HD video files to load completely in the browser before viewing them. (UPDATE 6/14/09: it seems that YouTube has made it possible for people with low Internet connection speed to view HD videos, and the technical concept is using the browser's caching ability, in other words, the Internet connection may be slow, but it is nevertheless delivering the video file to the viewer's computer (albeit slower), and the viewer needs only to be patient, hit "Pause" button first, wait for the video to load, then view it, and according to this article, the viewer can even close the browser and come back to view the video later.)

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