Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Until November of 2007 I had been a user of Microsoft Windows products for lord knows how many years, but back in Nov/2007, having to consider buying a new machine and heard so much damaging criticism of Microsoft's Vista, I bought an Apple iMac.

Less than 2 Years later, as far as I am concerned, Windows OS is about as meaningful as an IBM electric typewriter. And now Google has officially put its weight behind the "Windows-less" computing reality by announcing Google Chrome Operating System, which they say will come out in 2010. For now, they are targeting the small do-everything-online type Netbooks, but that is enough to get many, including me, excited.

Here is the announcement on the official Google blog, and here is a nice "I told you so" analysis on TechCrunch.

The above clever cartoon was done, I presume, to effect a humorous play on how Google Chrome got its logo, but today, it has added significance.

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