Monday, August 17, 2009

Sun and Fun is now SundroidHD

To coincide with the launch of my new YouTube channel, "SundroidHD", I have acquired the domain name: and re-directed this blog to that domain name.

Blogger, the host of this blog, assures me that in the future people can reach my blog through either the new domain name,, or the old address, so everything ought to be just groovy.

This blog will have a gradual cosmetic transformation to reflect the "SundroidHD" characteristics, whatever they may be.

I should emphasize that my old YouTube channel, Sundroid, is still fully functional and will serve as kind of a "video library" of my 200+ uploads thus far. Since January of 2006 I have uploaded more than (many more than) 200 videos to YouTube. A simple calculation shows that during those 3 and a half years, I uploaded, on average, one video each week to the good old Sundroid channel. I expect to continue that pace with the uploads to SundroidHD.

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